The operation specification and improvement of internal suction arm were described

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internal suction arm

internal suction arm was a new type of dust collector improved by digestion with the introduction of new equipment. It has the advantages of purification, small filter bag wear, good service life and easy maintenance. It is suitable for iron and steel smelting, metallurgy, chemical industry, electronics, building materials, cement industry, musical instrument processing, carbon processing, mechanical processing, various industrial electric furnaces, asphalt concrete mixing stations, mining, casting, electric power, rubber, grain processing, ceramics, light industry, various dryers, non-metallic mineral fine powder deep processing, sandblasting, not afraid of fire materials and other industrial air pollution enterprises Recycling.

The internal suction arm has six specifications, each specification can be divided into standard with ash bucket type A and open flange type (no ash bucket) B type two. Its structure is mainly composed of filter chamber, filter bag, clean gas chamber, ash hopper, ash discharge valve, pulse injection device, electric control box, etc. All boxes are welded structure, the inspection door is sealed with foam rubber strip, and the dust collector is tight and does not leak air.

The working principle of internal suction arm was as follows: the dusty gas entered the filter chamber by the ash hopper (or the lower open flange), the coarser particles directly fell into the ash hopper or ash bin, the dusty gas was filtered through the filter bag, the dust was blocked in the bag surface, and the clean gas was discharged into the atmosphere by the fan. When the dust on the surface of the filter bag continues to increase, causing the equipment resistance to rise to the set value, the time relay (or differential pressure controller) output signal, the program controller starts to work, open the pulse valve one by one, so that the compressed air through the nozzle to the filter bag for blowing ash, so that the filter bag suddenly expanded, under the action of reverse airflow, the dust attached to the bag table out of the filter bag into the ash hopper (or ash bin). Dust is discharged by the ash discharge valve. After all the filter bags are blown clean, the dust collector will return to normal work.

Characteristics of internal suction arm:

1, can achieve ash cleaning, to avoid the "re-adsorption" phenomenon after cleaning.

2, the realization of timing or fixed resistance mode cleaning, the system control is convenient.

3, such as the use of polytetrafluoroethylene, coated filter bag can directly treat the inlet dust concentration ≤1300g/Nm3 dust containing gas.

4, cleaning air source pressure 0.5-0.7MPa can be, air source configuration is convenient, each solenoid valve can clean 32 ~ 128 filter bags: cancel the aluminum venturite tube combination, simple configuration, stable system operation.

5. internal suction arm reached more than 90% when collecting dust.

internal suction arm