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Casing scraper is a kind of auxiliary means used for well completion, well logging and downhole operation, which mainly apply to cleaning cement, mud, embedded bullets, rust, mill scale, paraffin, perforation burrs and other substances from the inside walls of casing in order to keep the cleanness of inside wall of casing. It can鈥檛 be used in drilling operation.
Organophilic Clay, shorty organoclay.It has the character of immediate glued and antisettling,flow resistance after carefully selecting,modifying and refining. Dynagel C is an organophilic clay used as a gelling and viscosifying agent for oil base mud prepared from primarily diesel and mineral oils. Dynagel C is a bentonite treated with amine compound, to promote its dispersion/viscosity-yield in invert emulsion systems, which helps to improve suspension, hole cleaning and cuttings transport capability.
The entire charging process is under intelligent control,offering 200~1000V output voltage range.single gun charging offers super fast charging for the electric vehicle,dual guns charging allows the charging of two electric vehicles simultaneously with equal power distribution.

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Prome Tech co., Ltd. is one of the most professional heat pump manufacturers in China, providing OEM and ODM services for Europe. Specializing in the research and development, manufacturing, and sales of residential heating and cooling multi-functional heat pumps, commercial heating heat pumps, industrial high-temperature heat pumps, and agricultural constant temperature heat pumps, which are mainly used in comprehensive energy-saving solutions for residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural applications.
We have a full-industry chain production base with a construction area of over 100,000 square meters and an annual production capacity of over 300,000 units. We produce qualified heat pump products with the shortest production time in the industry.
This precision mold parts, CNC milling parts and carbide parts are commonly used for electronic connectors. These parts need to be precise in size and shape to ensure that they fit perfectly into the connectors and make a secure and reliable connection. The use of precision mold parts and CNC milling parts allows for high accuracy in production, while carbide parts provide durability and toughness to withstand the rigors of daily use. These components are essential to ensure the proper functioning of electronic devices and equipment.

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Caoxian tianlong meijia arts&crafts Co., Ltd. is located in Guyingji Town Development District, Caoxian County, Heze City, a beautiful city famous for Wooden craft and, We are close to Beijing-Jiulong Railway, which runs through China, and Zaozhuang-Caoxian Highway. Caoxian County is reputed as the town of PAULOWNIA wood and willow with rich resources. We mainly manufacture and export wooden products, such as wooden box, wooden cabinet, food cutting boards, wine boxes, other arts and crafts of wood, wood furniture, straws and willows.
Leila Textiles
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O n e - s t o p s e r v i c e
Shaoxing Leila Textile Co., Ltd. was founded in early 2012, the company has been adhering to the "earth first, profit second" concept of development. Has been committed to the research and development of sustainable recycled fabrics to create a low-carbon life. Make a contribution to the global environment, the human habitat. Products are exported to Europe, the United States, Southeast Asia, South Africa, the Middle East, Africa and other parts of the world.
Leila Textiles
The company is mainly engaged in knitted and home textile blanket fabrics, and its products are widely used in clothing, home textiles, toys, automobiles, furniture and various industrial purposes. Products are exported to Europe, the United States, Southeast Asia, South America, the Middle East, Africa and other parts of the world.